The original Clay Brick Kiln at Geraldton BrickWith the first clay bricks handmade and fired on site in 1929 in a temporary kiln established by the Calligaro family, Geraldton Brick is Western Australia’s oldest clay brick manufacturer that is still operational.

These days Geraldton Brick is owned by Geraldton born and raised Mark Blayney, with clay bricks and pavers now being supplied not just locally but throughout all of Western Australia, Nationally and to a healthy International export market.

To maintain our focus on customer satisfaction we continue to welcome and value the input of leading Architects, Building Designers and Builders, with this input underpinning our ability to innovate and renew our range of products. We take enormous pride in our ability to stay adaptable and work on continual change processes to accommodate individual needs and requirements.

Prior to the advent of full automation of the brick manufacturing process, hand selection of all bricks and pavers was a step in the standard manufacturing process. Hand selection allowed bricks to be both checked from a quality perspective, whilst also facilitating blending of bricks of different hues and colours to provide the unique end-product that is important to many architects and builders. Full automation of the manufacturing process meant that hand selection was no longer either possible or viable.

At Geraldton Brick we believe that hand selection is an integral step in our manufacturing process, allowing us to satisfy the desire of our customers to source a unique often one-off end product, compliant with specification. For this reason we remain one of the few manufacturers that still hand selects all our bricks and pavers.